The Image of Colour, the Mystery of Image

The current exhibition at MODEM, titled The Image of Colour, the Mystery of Image, presents a comprehensive selection of monochrome paintings from the Antal-Lusztig Collection.…

2024. Feb. 10. - 2024. May. 12.

Border Age

“Border age” refers to a period marking a complex transition process between eras that have gained stability based on their own order as well as…

2023. Dec. 16. - 2024. Mar. 03.

Outstanding Objects

Who is the target audience of a museum and for whom does such an institution work? Which communities are given the opportunity to enter and…

2023. Nov. 26. - 2024. Mar. 17.


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2023. 03. 01.

Re:Re: challenge

Re:create your favorite paintings, pictures or movie scenes and partake in MODEM’s next exhibition! Our…


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