100 years of nature. Landscapes and still lifes from the collection of MBH Bank

2024. Jun. 14. - 2024. Jul. 21.

MBH Bank Collection Exhibition

One of the most important issues for humanity in the 21st century is nature. How should we relate to this wonderful resource, how should we take care of it, how should we help it to renew itself? Our relationship with nature is multifaceted: it can be seen as the basis of life, as the raw material of civilization, as an aesthetic experience and as a universal connection with a higher order. This selection from the MBH Bank collection explores this vast and important issue through the masterpieces of Hungarian art.

MBH Bank is determined to make the values of art continuously accessible and enjoyable for the general public. It therefore presents its collection in key institutions in major cities such as the MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen. The gems of the collection will not disappear into private or corporate hands but will become public treasures that can regularly be appreciated by all. Thus, MBH Bank hopes to build a richer, more complex and creative society, which promotes both respect for traditional values and continuous change and development for the future.

Curator: Zoltán Rockenbauer

Artists: Benczúr Gyula, Berényi Róbert, Bernáth Aurél, Börtsök Samu, Csók István, Czóbel Béla, Egry József, Farkas István, Gadányi Jenő, Kmetty János, Nemessányi Kontuly Béla, Kernstok Károly, Ligeti Antal, Márffy Ödön, Markó Ferenc. Medgyes László, Mednyánszky László, Mund Hugó, Nádler Róbert, Olgyai Viktor, Orbán Dezső, Patkó Károly, Pécsi Pilch Dezső, Perlrott Csaba Vilmos, Székely Bertalan, Szin György, Szőnyi István, Ziffer Sándor

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