Opening hours

The MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art can be visited from Tuesdays to Sundays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. It is closed on Mondays.

General Admission Tickets

You can buy ticket online at the following link.

Tickets Adult Student/
For owner of Debrecen City Card
Adult Student/pensioner
Combinated ticket – for all exhibitions of MODEM 3 500 HUF 1 750 HUF 3 600 HUF 1 600 HUF
100 Years of Nature – 3rd floor 1 500 HUF    750 HUF 1 400 HUF    700 HUF
What Year Are You? – ground floor 1 500 HUF    750 HUF 1 400 HUF    700 HUF
Family ticket – for 2 adults with 3 children
Combinated – for all exhibitions of MODEM  5 000 HUF
100 Years of Nature  3 000 HUF
What Year Are You?  3 000 HUF

Getting here

The MODEM stands in the historical centre of Debrecen on the Baltazár Dezső Square, which was formed at the time of the opening of the Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre. It is easily accessible on foot from the Great Church, because the building is behind the Déri Museum 5 minutes from the Kossuth Square. By car, the MODEM is accessible from the Bethlen Street and the Füvészkert Street. A parking garage is available under the building.

Address: 1-3. Hunyadi János Street, 4026 Debrecen
Phone: +36-52-525-018
Box office and Information: +36-52-525-010
GPS coordinates: N.47.5334194 E.21.6215394

Discounted admission

According to the Agreement of the European Economic Area, the permanent and temporary exhibitions of the museums can be visited for free of charge by the undermentioned citizens of the participant countries (herein after called EEA citizens):

  • children under the age of 6
  • disabled people and their companion (only 1 person)
  • people with professional admission card issued by the minister
  • members of national professional organisations (with at least 400 members) which are connected to museums and public collections
  • active educators (with a valid educator’s card) who work in public education
  • adults above the age of 70

According to the Agreement of the European Economic Area, the permanent and temporary exhibitions of the museums can be visited for 50% off admission by the undermentioned EEA citizens:

  • students (with valid student card)
  • adults above the age of 62
  • companions who are close relatives of at least two people under the age of 18 (max. 2 people)

Visiting rules

  1. It is forbidden to bring any vehicle into the building, such as bicycles, scooters, etc. Furthermore, live animals (except guide dogs/therapy dogs), stabbing and cutting tools, and anything that endangers the health and safety of art objects, visitors and staff.
  2. MODEM may not be visited by persons under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants and/or drugs. We can request action from the guard against those whose behavior violates or endangers the safety of our visitors and employees.
  3. Protection of works of art: please do not approach them within a distance of 30 cm, and do not touch or hold the sculptures or installations.
  4. It is FORBIDDEN to bring bottles, food, drinks, children’s toys, or anything that endangers the works of art into the exhibition space.
  5. Please do not disturb other visitors by speaking loudly in the exhibition spaces, turn down the volume of your mobile phone and do not use it for conversation.
  6. For safety reasons, use of the cloakroom is mandatory and free of charge.
    Please leave your luggage, umbrella, bag or backpack larger than 30 x 25 x 15 cm in the cloakroom. Bags of any size cannot be carried on the back, small backpacks can only be carried in by hand. If you want to take your personal items and valuables with you to the exhibition space, you can borrow a small handbag free of charge in the cloakroom.
  7. Smoking is FORBIDDEN in the entire area of MODEM, this includes electronic cigarettes. Smoking is only possible in the designated area in the inner garden and at least 5 meters away from the entrance. If childen under 14 are in the garden, smoking is prohibited in all areas.
  8. According to the current government regulations, MODEM can be visited without a COVID green pass.
  9. During group and family visits, the group leader, accompanying teacher, and parents are responsible for ensuring that all members of their group comply with the visitor regulations.
  10. The MODEM-PAD children’s corner can be used for free and for an unlimited time during opening hours.
  11. MODEM provides mothers-to-be with a baby-mother rest and breastfeeding area.
  12. MODEM provides a washroom suitable for small children, as well as a changing table.
  13. In case of non-compliance with the rules or refusal to cooperate, our guards may withdraw the right to stay in MODEM.