MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art is an internationally embedded cultural institution with two main profiles: the presentation of the most significant domestic and international artistic achievements of the 20th century, and the representative display of the most significant domestic and international representatives of the current trends and progressive aspirations of contemporary visual art and visual culture.” To this day, MODEM aims to put into daily practice the ambitious vision it set itself when it was launched.

As a modern institution with one of the best infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest single exhibition space, MODEM aims to become an unavoidable player not only on the contemporary art scene but on the cultural scene as a whole in the coming years. The art center is also a symbol of the fact that culture is not only a priority for separate institutions, but for the city as a whole. One of our main goals is to make MODEM not just an exhibition space, but a wider intellectual space and forum to which not only the audience but also the artists are welcome and return regularly.

The primary objective of MODEM is to redefine its established and accepted character in the Hungarian art scene, to include new elements that strengthen its links with the local community, the regional community and, in the longer term, the wider international cultural community, and to develop and operate a multi-level and multi-directional network. Our aim is to create a new narrative in which public thinking about the role of contemporary art changes: to make visual arts part of everyday life. An important aim of our professional programme is to showcase the diversity of genres of contemporary art, and to present the co-arts in different forms. The selection of thematic exhibitions will not only focus on the achievements of the visual arts in the strict sense, but also on architecture or even social science.

A key mission of the institution is to engage and educate young people from an early age. As an art education institution, MODEM aims to facilitate the reception of exhibitions and to introduce young people to the major artists and their works through interactive, playful exercises, so that the younger generation can become more open and receptive to contemporary art. Through age-appropriate games, activities and exercises in group sessions, the institution helps young people from pre-school to university age to learn about art in a family-friendly, youthful environment.