The Land of Promise

2018. Aug. 11. - 2018. Oct. 14.

Video art from Israel, about Israel

The State of Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The anniversary is approached in many ways. Present exhibition intends to show the cultural, social, and political complexity of Israel through the videos of contemporary artists from the country. The use of video as medium is noticeably overrepresented within the local art context. One of the reasons is that videos are able to send a complex message in a compacted way and simultaneously display different dynamics. Therefore, they are suitable for delivering multi-faceted or even critical opinions as well, to which many examples are found in the artworks relating to the present time and history of Israel. A selection from these works is on view for the public. The curator asked each participating artist to bring along a map over their presented videos. These maps symbolize the relationship of every single artist with Israel.

The title of the exhibition is a biblical term, which has different interpretations in itself. Beyond the mutually exclusive interpretations, the land of promise might refer to the common past, present and future equally.


Don Tamás

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