What Year Are You?

2024. Mar. 30. - 2024. Dec. 31.

The Public Collection Exhibition of MODEM from the Aspect of Generational Theory

MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, founded in 2006, took an important step in 2023: our art center, which had been a gallery until then, entered the institutional network of museums, the primary and most important result of which is that its collection has now become accessible to the community, as a public collection. For us, this represents a change not only in terms of professional classification, but also because through our collection we preserve the legacy of the past for the future. Thus, we primarily perceive it as a common, but above all, as a community matter, the presentation of which, beyond the obligation that comes with status, is our intrinsic need and a task we are happy to undertake.

The exhibition What Year Are You? is a permanent exhibition of the collection of MODEM – Center for Modern and Contemporary Art. The exhibition, which consists of a collection that has been continuously formed from the collections of the past 18 years, from art purchases, achievements of the Debrecen International Artists’ Colony, as well as from the donations of artists, was created through a curatorial selection process based on the criteria of generational research, presenting it in various artistic media on the basis of how it links with the professional portfolio of the institution. The exhibition from the collection of MODEM features works by nearly fifty artists from the so-called Lost Generation to Gen Z.

Each section is arranged by the birth year of the artists, rather than by the aesthetic, art theoretical or art historical categories they represent, or that can be associated with their works. Through a selection from the recent collection of MODEM, we aim to examine, among other issues, the creative and receptive aspects of art, cultural necessity and social relevance of the museum and the collection through questions, such as to what extent do the different generations and the very different geographical and social conditions associated with them determine the way in which certain artists create and the themes they address.


Exhibiting Artists:


Lost Generation: Aba-Novák Vilmos


G.I. Generation: Reigl Judit, Vera Molnár


Silent Generation: Birkás Ákos, Keserü Ilona, Lakner László, Nádler István, Tölg-Molnár Zoltán, Tót Endre


Baby-Boomers: Bukta Imre, Csontó Lajos, Eperjesi Ágnes, Fehér László, feLugossy László, Gábor Imre, Gerber Pál, Kicsiny Balázs, Lovas Ilona, Pinczehelyi Sándor, Várnai Gyula


Generation X: Asztalos Zsolt, Benczúr Emese, Csörgő Attila, Eszterházy Marcell, Gyenis Tibor, Katharina Roters, Nagy Kriszta x-T, Pettendi-Szabó Péter, Richter Sára, Société Réaliste, Szolnoki József


Generation Y (Millennials): Balázs Nikolett, Bede Kincső, Dobokay Máté, Gallai Judit, Nemes Márton, Molnár Judit Lilla, Renta Pintérova, Schuller Judit Flóra, Tim Freiwald, Váczi Lilla


Generation Z (Zoomers): Koltay Dorottya Szonja


Curator: Süli-Zakar Szabolcs (Generation X)

Co-curator: Török Krisztián Gábor (Generation Z (Zoomers))

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