2022. Nov. 12. - 2022. Dec. 31.

How does art exist in time, relate to time, and how does time affect art?

This year’s program series of the Debrecen Artist in Residence, which has been operating since 2006, is organized around these questions. The DAIR prioritizes the cooperation and the exchange of ideas between Hungarian and international artists, promotes collective creative activity, while providing insight to the thematically organized professional work for a broader audience. During the two-week-long camp, the invited artists and presenters will seek answers to questions such as: what are the possible temporal aspects of art? How art, the creative process, and the artefacts themselves are exposed to time? In a material sense, what is the lifespan of an artefact? How an artwork, which already has a temporal character, can reflect on the passage of time, and how our interpretational strategies change over time? The twelve-day-long workshop results in a conference and an exhibition, and provides other activities too for the public free of charge.

Artists of DAIR 2022: Csontó Lajos / Horányi Attila / Süli-Zakar Szabolcs / Benczúr Emese / Bilak Krystyna / Birkás Mona / Csörgő Attila / Donka Péter / Farkas Dénes / Koronczi Endre / Ladányi-Tóth Miklós / Tóth Kinga / Várhelyi Judit

Artistic Directors:
Horányi Attila, Csontó Lajos, Süli-Zakar Szabolcs


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