2022. Jun. 25. - 2022. Jul. 17.

Special experimental exhibition of Ivan and the Parazol and MODEM

Polarism is an experimental collective art project, which is the first phase and realization of a common thinking. On the one hand, since the foundation of Ivan & Parazol, they have been looking for collaborations where they can combine different art forms to create exciting cross-genre products. They had film and fine art projects, worked with various artists on exhibitions and on a book of short stories. On the other hand, MODEM’s curator Don Tamás’ basic working method is to include other arts and disciplines in his exhibitions. This includes the exhibitions held in the MODEM spaces in recent years, on which he worked with psychologists, historians, writers, and musicians. Through MODEM, the band and the curator were given the opportunity to dialogue and collaborate.

Polarism is a non-existent word, which on the one hand can be considered as a fusion of the words polarization (opposing groups, opposition of opinions) and pluralism (a trend that allows different opinions to exist). As well as the finding that our society cannot reach a common denominator in almost anything, to such an extent that it can be interpreted as a current, a “knot of isms”.

The starting point is the track recorded by Ivan & Parazol, which is complemented by an installation that strongly defines the space. The video installations created by two filmmakers and a visual artist, as well as the choreography of three contemporary dancers, which are also prepared for this occasion, are organized around this.


Lőrinczy Lia / Bedécs Lola / Kocsi Olga


Don Tamás

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