“The MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre is a cultural institution with international connections, which has two main missions: the exhibition of the most significant 20th century Hungarian and international works of art, and the representative presentation of the current schools and progressive efforts of the contemporary visual art and culture as well as most respected Hungarian and international artists.”

The MODEM intends to realise those ambitious goals that the institution has set for itself during the start-up period.

With one of the best infrastructural conditions in East-Central-Europe, the MODEM is to be an essential part not only of the visual art scene but the whole cultural sphere. The art center is suitable to represent that the culture has high priority for the institutes and the whole town. Therefore, one of our basic goals is to make the MODEM a wider intellectual space and forum to where not only the spectators but also the artists return regularly with pleasure.

The primary point of view of the MODEM is the reconstruction of its character in the Hungarian art life, with the cooperation with new elements which strengthen the relation with the local and regional community as well as with the broader international cultural scene in a longer term perspective and form and run a multilevel and manifold network. We aim to create a brand new narrative which change the public opinion about the role of the contemporary art and make the visual art the part of the everyday life.  An important goal of our programme is to represent the diversity of the contemporary art and to display the attendant art in different forms. In the selection of thematic exhibitions, not only the visual art gets into focus but the architecture and social science as well.

The Antal‒Lusztig Collection also plays a major role in the MODEM’s life, since it is permanent part of the ground floor exhibition room. The items of the collection are presented by newly arranged exhibitions twice a year. Furthermore, the professional and accurate cataloguing of the collection has started simultaneously as well.