11th Birthday of the MODEM

2017. Sep. 23. 16:00

On the occasion of the 11th birthday of the MODEM, a special and imposing contemporary movement and choreography event (or we can call it festival) will be held on 23rd September. At night, the event closes with a surprise.

On this special evening, Angelus Iván, Gergye Krisztián, ifj. Kurtág György, Lőrinc Katalin, Lőrinszky Attila, the Trojka Theatre Company, Tókos Attila and ifj. Zsuráfszky Zoltán as well as the students of the Hungarian Dance Academy and the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy make an appearance in the MODEM on 23rd September, on the occasion of the 11th birthday of the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art.

The MODEM Birthday Party begins with a modern and contemporary dance project for children at 4 p.m. on Baltazár Dezső Square. At 5 p.m. Gemza Péter, the art director of the Csokonai Theatre gives a welcome address to the participants, then the DANCE FLOOR, namely the first local movement and choreography programme gets started in the MODEM.  During the event, the dancers respond to the contemporary visual artworks, thereby creating an exciting dialogue between the different artistic forms of expression.

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