DEBRECEN ART WEEK: English guided tour with Török Krisztián Gábor

2024. May. 11. 16:00

Come and join our English guided tour with Török Krisztián Gábor at our exhibitions titled What Year Are You? and Balogh Kristóf József: Questions without answers on May 11 at 4:00 p.m.

About the exhibitions:

What Year Are You?

The exhibition What Year Are You? is a permanent exhibition of the collection of MODEM – Center for Modern and Contemporary Art. The exhibition, which consists of a collection that has been continuously formed from the collections of the past 18 years, from art purchases, achievements of the Debrecen International Artists’ Colony, as well as from the donations of artists, was created through a curatorial selection process based on the criteria of generational research, presenting it in various artistic media on the basis of how it links with the professional portfolio of the institution. The exhibition from the collection of MODEM features works by nearly fifty artists from the so-called Lost Generation to Gen Z.

Balogh Kristóf József: Questions without answers

Balogh Kristóf József, born in Debrecen and currently living and working in Budapest, this will be his first institutional solo exhibition realized, which will be the inaugural temporary exhibition in the newly debuting Project Space at MODEM.

While the painterly qualities might trick the viewers, Balogh’s source materials are screen photos of eerie incidents where one doesn’t exactly know what is going on. This diverse visual library creates a wide set of references. In the artist’s new fablesque series of paintings made for this exhibition, he often shifts between cartoon characters, animals, and human figures . The opaque acrylic images are often hard to relate to each other, which further enhances the abstraction of the hidden narrative behind them. Rather than pushing the calm contemplation Balogh aims to bring a situation where the only action to the decontextualized images is a direct strong reaction from the viewer.


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