New Mediations

2023. Jan. 22. 15:00

At the finissage of our exhibition, we welcome our guests with guided tours in English and Hungarian.

Let’s say goodbye together to New Mediations on January 22!


15:00 Guided tour in English with Török Kriszitán
17:00 Guided tour with Szegedi Kata, the founder of the Kata Szegedi brand, one of the members of the design duo

Background information:

The Kata Szegedi brand from Budapest was founded in 2009 and has now grown to become one of the most defining brands on the Hungarian fashion scene. Architectural, modern lines for cosmopolitans who strive for uniqueness in everyday life. The goal of the design duo is to create desired, sculptural pieces, season after season with the slogan ‘Objects of Desire’. The main inspiration is drawn from contemporary art, architecture and the eclectic atmosphere of the big city. Szegedi Kata and Benus Dani have been best friends for more than 20 years, they have been working as designers since 2016, and in addition to numerous domestic and foreign recognitions and awards, they present their clothes and moving sculptures every season at the Budapest and Milan fashion weeks.

About the exhibition:

The technological development of the internet has intensified the mediation of images to an unprecedented level, where we act as mediators, consumers, and (re)creators of images and content. In this new process of mediation, we, the viewers, content sharers, and creators, become both recipients and producers in a constant circulation of images. This change in the history of media has left a decisive mark on our culture, replacing the rigidity of materials with a series of flexible interactions on the basis of which we can understand our actions as new forms of mediation.

The exhibition will present the work of a current international art trend, an online and contemporary art community of Generation Y artists from the UK, Germany, Serbia, and Hungary, independent of geographical constraints. Intimately connected to both the material and virtual universes, Generation Y, also known as millennials, has grown into the world of the internet and social media, which has brought about significant changes in their perception of the world.

A new international exhibition at the MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art offers an insight into the diverse and personal exploration of the aesthetics of the internet through the work of twelve contemporary artists and a group of four artists, creating new images and forms that break free from the rigidity of materials and give further space to the mediation between the real and the virtual.

Exhibiting artists:

Batykó Róbert / Arno Beck / Birds of Cool (Gresa Márton, Kármán Dániel, Németh László [Laca] Radvánszki Levente) / Maja Djordjevic / Hanna Sophie Dunkelberg / Oli Epp / Liam Fallon / Tim Freiwald / Christian Holze / Keresztesi Botond / Nemes Márton / Harrison Pearce / Aaron Scheer


Török Krisztián Gábor

Visual identity:

Sassné Döme Melinda


Admission: 500 HUF

More details:

We reserve the right to change the program. With their participation, visitors accept that audio and video recordings are made during the programs, which can be used for promotional purposes on MODEM’s interfaces.

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