TIMELINES – Esterházy Marcell & co.

2023. Aug. 26. 17:00


On behalf of the MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art, we cordially invite you to the opening of our latest exhibition on Saturday, August 26.

Esterházy Marcell’s art practice focuses on the processing of the history of the Esterházy family, which connects to Hungarian and European history in many ways. In his works, he typically works with these family and found archival materials, appropriating and reinterpreting them, alternating great historical narratives and personal family stories in his poetic solutions.

The special feature of TIMELINES is that it is an exhibition of his oeuvre, which is also a group exhibition. The multitude of timelines, i.e. the main background material of Marcell’s works, are collected in an unusual “control center” in the space of the exhibition, where family relics and portraits and the related works of Marcell Esterházy’s co-creators and artist friends are placed next to each other chronologically, yet on a peculiarly emotional basis. The complex collection of objects reflects on the intersection of twentieth-century global and Hungarian history, as well as literary history and family histories, presenting the process of personal past processing, highlighting its compassionate attitude.

Exhibiting artist:
Esterházy Marcell

Contributing artists:
Almási Tamás / Esterházy Gitta / Gerhes Gábor / Lucien Hervé / Király András / Megyik János / Laurent Perbos / Schuller Judit Flóra

Don Tamás / Mucsi Emese

17:00 The exhibition will be opened by the artist and filmmaker Forgács Péter
17:30 Guided tour with artist Esterházy Marcell, Don Tamás (MODEM) and Mucsi Emese (Capa Centre), curators of the exhibition

We reserve the right to change the program. By participating, visitors accept that audio and video recordings will be made during the event, which may be used for promotional purposes on the interfaces of the MODEM.

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