VIII. Noise Garden

2019. Sep. 07. 18:00

On seventh day of the ninth month comes, comes, comes up the VIII Noise Garden, which states and rebuts everything in width and length, punishes and rewards, seduces and pushes off, angers and calms… to the underground congress conceived in the spirit of multidisciplinarity arrive delegates from far and near to the garden of the MODEM with purpose of facing with everything that is commercial, predictable, appropriate…get ready!

Noise gardeners:
18:00 – Aprashia feat. Taeateh & Xpldnglke (HUN)
18:30 – Ausgesuchtestenohren (HUN/AUT)
19:00 – Sajjra (PER)
19:30 – Elfenfett (GER)
20:00 – TakeFree (HUN)
20:30 – Eric Arn (AUT/USA)
21:00 – Bell Lungs (SCO)
21:30 – Arma Agharta (LIT)
22:00 – Holzkopf (CAN)
22:30 – Lyuhász Lyácint Bt. (HUN)

After the gigs:
23:30 – 01:00 – B:tch Pender (HUN)

szerediCs (pozvakowski) & Wombat (Erszény Pictures)

Body art by:
Gyöngy Dániel

Admission: 1000 HUF

The ticket entitles you to visit the exhibitions of the MODEM on the day of the Zajkert till 6 p.m.

We reserve the right to change the program and of admission! We do not tolerate the racism, sexism, homophobia and any radical ideologies!

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