Black Hole

2018. May. 27. - 2018. Jul. 29.

Is it real what we perceive? Are thinking or focused concentration and ritual activities able to raise us from illusions?

Is there any final conclusion of researches, discoveries and scientific theories? Is it anything to do with that? What is outside and inside? Who is the ultimate observer? Is it possible that the sight before our eyes suddenly fall into the only and most powerful energy?

Art originally includes and creates a constant metaphysical presence.

In the exhibition called Black Hole by Madácsy István everything is simultaneously true and false. His pictures embrace everything and nothing. There are things that do not exist or cannot be seen. They are symbolized forms. There are silver-vibrated, cosmic backgrounds created with ceremony as well as rigid, hard, and static motifs in the infinitely sensitive space.

It might be found out that what we are watching convincingly does not exist, since it is cohered and created exactly by that alert attention. We can join in that cosmic game, which might have no purpose, reason, or sense, while the systematic conceptions of the consciousness and the conscious mind meet and establish their own consequences before our eyes.


Madácsy István


Szalai Kata

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