“Like Sinners Nailed to the Cross of Space and Time…”

2022. Jun. 25. - 2022. Oct. 09.

The exhibition titled Like Sinners Nailed to the Cross of Space and Time… and the third volume of the Antal-Lusztig Collection is devoted to five artists of foremost significance from the second half of the 20th century. While being traditional in the sense that they wanted to and did associate themselves with the realist tradition of the branch of art they were active in, they each created their individual mythology, using novel approaches and solutions to build their autonomous worlds governed by their own rules.

They pursued their artistic ideas with undisguised sincerity and endurance, even if it often led to conflict with the official art policy of the time. At the same time, their genius was recognized and often used by the official contemporary art scene. Some were allowed to repeatedly represent Hungary at foreign exhibitions but the ‘wild’ shoots of their art were pruned from time to time by the dictators of official art.


Tóth Menyhért / Vilt Tibor / Schaár Erzsébet / Ország Lili / Kondor Béla


Nagy T. Katalin

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