Go, Stop, Stay

2019. Feb. 16. - 2019. May. 05.

To walk through the world in a standing and motionless way on a road with no starting and ending points, and there is no return or any place that could be reached.

The thought of it – apart from its existence – is such a hard fact that precludes all the speculations, yet it remains mysterious. This pursued point is the scene of the invisible wanderings, where it is worth staying and you have to stop. With the invited visual artists, we seek the possible aspects of interpretation, the manners of formulation, and the answers for the striving after balance, the potential movements implied in     immobility, and the uncertainties of our identity.

Reading the English title of the exhibition, we find instructions and commands: “Go, Stay, Stop”. Whom or what are these commands addressed to?

The “what” is an important term, since the syntax of computer languages has been transferred into contemporary visual art context by this time. The artists respond to the dehumanising phenomena of our increasingly technological society as well. The exhibition presents a subjective selection of works by major artists from the neighbouring countries: Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and certainly from Hungary, while it provides an insight into the contemporary visual art tendencies of the region.


Ana Petrović (HR) / Céline Struger (AT) / Eva Petrič (SLO) / Ilauszky Tamás (H) / Makra Zoltán (H) / Martin Piaček (SK) / Palatinus Dóra (H) / Roland Wegerer (AT) / Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu (RO) / Szabó Eszter Ágnes (H) / Tatjana Milutinović Vondraček (SRB).


Szalai Kata / Vojnits-Purcsár Vító

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