2020. Mar. 07. - 2020. Sep. 27.

Experimental Arts Education Project

In 2019, on the thirtieth anniversary of the change of regime, MODEM launched a three-year educational project, which primarily introduces high school students to the Hungarian visual arts of the past three decades. The associates of the institution – with the involvement of other specialists – select a work of art from a Hungarian artist from each year of the period between 1989 and 2019, about which the art historians and theorists – taking into account a system of criteria developed jointly with museum educators and high school teachers – write comprehensive analyzes of 20,000 characters. The thirty-part series ends three years later with a volume compiled from individual publications. The works are exhibited by MODEM for one or two months – each exhibition includes museum pedagogic sessions based on the texts.

The current exhibition prepares another one planned for 2022, at which we will present all the selected works at the same time.


Antal Balázs / Hatházi László és Fodor Zoltán / Benczúr Emese / Csákány István / Csörgő Attila / Fabricius Anna / Gerhes Gábor / Kis Varsó / Németh Ilona


Don Tamás / Mélyi József / Szabics Ágnes

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