2020. Sep. 05. - 2020. Oct. 04.

Landscapes are nodes in the unfathomable system of memory. Places where several roads or lines meet. Piti Marcell and Lilla Váczi are young artists born in the Great Plain. They were brought together in the same exhibition space by the Youth Photography Studio and the close and active creative relationship with their birthplace. The environment in which they grew up is fundamentally different from what it was before, therefore the memory of home is sharply demarcated from the present. Their works examine the gestures passed down through the generations and, in parallel, their relationship to nature.

Piti Marcell’s photo series and installation called Apaföld portrays abandoned farms. The documentary images are first replaced by an installation consisting of a 360-degree panoramic image and three beams, then by abstract photographs of objects. After documenting the decaying farm world, Piti Marcell took some objects from his personal environment out of their original context, giving them new meanings. The heterogeneous connection of the human world’s object culture to nature is expressed in the photos.

In those landscapes, where man is much more vulnerable to nature, these small struggles and boundaries that we constantly want to cross are more clearly outlined. However, Piti Marcell’s gaze only depicts all this from the outside, based on his memories and his own research, since he no longer lives in this world.In this universal theme, his personal grief emerges when unfolding the past, which he feels in connection with the loss of people missing from his image of home.

Two works of Lilla Váczi can be seen at the exhibition: an agricultural foil tent installation and a video work. She focused on the artificial environment and the metaphor of the earth’s fertility in these two works, as well as with the legacy that caring for the earth means to her. The earth scattered in the tent and the sound effects reinforce the dissonance that can be felt in connection with the human intervention in nature in the apparently harmonious view of a landscape.

The works of the two artists are organically intertwined, yet they preserve their independent visual worlds.

Artists of the exhibition:

Piti Marcell / Váczi Lilla


Czvetkó Fruzsina

Special thanks:

Vincze Ottó / Erdősi Eszter / Balogh Viktória / Regős Benedek / Eiter Tamás / Don Tamás

Additional supporters: FFS, NKA
The exhibition is the part of the showcase series titled FFS Átlátás #3.


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