English Guided Tour with Török Krisztián

2023. Apr. 25. 17:00

Due to the ever growing interest, we decied to continue our guided tours Tuesday, 25th April with Török Krisztián.

About the exhibition:

Close To The Soil
Works by László Mednyánszky, József Koszta, Adolf Fényes, Iványi Grünwald, János Tornyai, Béla Endre, Oszkár Glatz, István Béla Nagy, Gyula Rudnay, Ferenc Medgyessy and László Holló in the Antal–Lusztig Collection

Exhibited here, in 2023, is a selection from the works in the fourth volume forming part of the book- and exhibition-series devoted to the largest private collection in Hungary. The central motif of the exhibition is the Great Hungarian Plain. The special features and characteristics of this landscape were first observed by the painters of Romanticism, who wished to present something uniquely Hungarian – something that other countries and peoples did not have – both for themselves and for the world at large.

With their participation, visitors accept that audio and video recordings will be made during given events, which could be used for promotional purposes on MODEM’s social platforms. We reserve the right to change the program.

Online tickets soon on modemart.jegy.hu.

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