KineDok Debrecen film club – Lines

2023. Apr. 13. 15:00

How is the city Bratislava changing? In her documentary essay, director Barbora Sliepková captures the local urban growth, where the poetics of everyday life and portraits of local inhabitants present a socially critical account of the city’s contemporary transformations.

‘Lines’ winner of the 2021 Jihlava Film Festival, the film depicts the daily hustle and bustle of Bratislava, a typical post-socialist Central European city. Slovakia’s capital city, where the old and the new mix as a result of massive construction, but also a home changing before the eyes of its inhabitants. The poetics of the everyday and the portraits of its citizens present a socially critical account of the city’s contemporary transformations. The lonely Blanka watches the transformations from the balcony of her apartment. Composer Danko copes with the rapid changes of his “City on the Moon” and tries to capture its rhythm. Matthew wants to become the local mayor. Michal, a real estate agent, introduces clients to the possibility of living happily in Bratislava apartments, and two workers draw lines through the city and contemplate life with a bottle of beer. The black-and-white documentary portrays Bratislava’s atmosphere through visual compositions, accompanied by a symphony of the surrounding urban bustle.

The film will be screened with subtitles in Hungarian and English.

The event will include a guided tour of MODEM’s permanent exhibition ‘Along the Line’ and a discussion about the film after the screening.

Please note, this event is free and unticketed.

The event is organised in cooperation with the Alternatív Közösségek Egyesület, Debreceni Egyetem Szociológia és Szociálpolitika Tanszék, KineDok Magyarország és MODEM Modern és Kortárs Képzőművészeti Központ

Original Title: Čiary
Direction: Barbora Sliepková
Duration: 80 mins
Year: 2021
Audio: Slovak
Country: Slovakia
Producer: Barbara Janišová Feglová
Production: Hitchhiker Cinema

The event is part of Social Acupuncture, a public programming project of the MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art, launched in March 2023, which explores the issue of well-being in Debrecen through culture. Going beyond the scientific understanding of health, Social Acupuncture focuses in a holistic way on the elements that affect the wholeness of the lives of the city’s inhabitants.

To join or learn more about Social Acupuncture please contact Krisztián Gábor Török at or call +36 30 0136 779.

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