Re:Re Guided Tour in English

2023. May. 23. 17:00

Due to the ever growing interest, we decied to continue our guided tours on Tuesday, 23rd May with Török Krisztián.

About the exhibition:

Our exhibition Re:Re aims to explore the functioning and mode of existence, anthropological, socio-cultural and (art) historical contexts of artistic re-enactments. Such performative processes, which are based on participation and cooperation, where the artist brings to the fore an event that has already taken place, or revives an event that he or she has not necessarily experienced directly but which is part of cultural memory, or perhaps re-enacts an object or artwork in a new context. In this case, the reference to the past is not merely a confirmation of history and what has happened, or even an arbitrary re-experiencing and reliving, but also a critical rediscovery of a memory and tradition that is always accessible and experienced in a different way in the here and now.

With their participation, visitors accept that audio and video recordings will be made during given events, which could be used for promotional purposes on MODEM’s social platforms. We reserve the right to change the program.

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