IEAS Film Club: The Truffle Hunters

2021. dec. 07. 18:00

Set in the forests of Northern Italy where white Alba truffle is excavated with the help of canines and their resourceful masters, The Truffle Hunters unveils both the business and the human side of this mysterious trade. The documentary by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw captures a precarious ritual constantly threatened by greed and outside influences but still somehow protected by those clever, tight-lipped few who know how to unearth the magic within nature.

Borbála László, animal studies scholar host
Imola Bülgozdi, Italian studies scholar
Rebeka Kuszinger, film critic
Fruzsina Szabó, film critic
Zsolt Győri, cinema scholar

The immunity certifitcate and face mask is obligatory.

Free admission

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