The seller

For all products, the seller is MODEM Modern és Kortárs Nonprofit Kft.

Data of the service provider/seller

MODEM Modern and Contemporary Nonprofit Kft.

Address: 4026 Debrecen, Hunyadi u. 1-3.
Tax number: 22298317-2-09
Business registration number: 09-09-016787
Telephone number: +36 (52) 525 010

The subject of the contract

The subject of the contract is all goods found in the internet store of MODEM Modern és Kortárs Nonprofit Kft . You can find out the properties and characteristics of the goods on the specific page for the goods.

Purchase price and payment terms

The price indicated next to the goods is the purchase price of the goods, which also includes VAT. The purchase prices listed next to the products will certainly not change in the period between placing the order and receiving the goods, so you pay the price you see on the site when ordering.

The Purchaser can pay for the purchase as follows:

OTP SimplePay

The purchase price can be settled with a valid bank card using the SimplePay (OTP Bank) system. After sending the order, the system moves on to the OTP SimplePay payment page. After proceeding with the system, the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of SimplePay apply to the payment. Payment can be made with the types of bank cards indicated on the SimplePay website, through OTP’s online card acceptance terminal (VPOS) (SimplePay). Here, for payment, you must enter the name on the bank card, the card number, expiration date and validation code (CVC2 or CVV2). After entering the bank card details, the Customer starts the transaction by clicking the “Pay” button. The OTP SimplePay site sends confirmation of successful payment via electronic message.

The Customer acknowledges that the personal data stored by the Service Provider in the user database of the site will be transferred to OTP Mobil Kft. as a data processor. The range of data transmitted by the Service Provider is as follows: name, email address, telephone number, billing address, delivery address. The nature and purpose of the data processing activity carried out by the data processor can be found in the SimplePay Data Management Information Sheet at the following link:

Attention(!): bank card data is handled in accordance with the rules of the card company. Neither the Service Provider nor SimplePay has access to bank card data.

In the case of delivery with the MPL courier service, the orders can be paid for when the goods are received by the courier in cash or by bank card, as well as in advance by bank card when placing the order on the Internet via the SimplePay payment system. SimplePay’s internet payment system enables the use of MasterCard, VISA and VISA Electron bank cards belonging to the Visa product family, as well as the possibility of paying with web cards suitable for internet use. If we are still unable to fulfill the finalized order in the case of bank card payment, the purchase price of the product(s) missing from the order will be automatically transferred back to the Customer’s card as soon as possible – but within 30 days at most.

In case of on-site collection, it is possible to pay by bank card or cash.

Delivery conditions, deadlines

The ordered goods are delivered to our customers via Magyar Posta Zrt. within 3-5 working days.

Methods of delivery

Home delivery: MPL will attempt to deliver the item to the addressee twice. If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, MPL will leave a notification about the arrival of the shipment and the attempted delivery. If the addressee’s phone number is indicated on the address document, MPL will coordinate the place and time of the second delivery attempt with the addressee. In case of unsuccessful negotiation, MPL will try to deliver the shipment again on the next working day. In case of failure of the second delivery attempt, MPL will repeatedly leave a notification at the address indicating the post office and custody time, where and until which the entitled person can receive the shipment.

Delivery to PostaPoint: In the case of a shipment addressed to the Post Office ( as left at Posta ) or Partner PostaPoint, MPL sends a message to the recipient’s mobile phone or e-mail address about the availability of the package and the delivery deadline, which can be 5 or 10 working days according to the sender’s indication. Items left at the Post Office can be picked up during the post office’s opening hours. At more than 180 post offices, parcels sent on Friday with a time guarantee of 1 working day can be picked up on Saturday as well – without charging a separate fee – due to the weekend opening hours.

Delivery to a Parcel Machine: In the case of a parcel addressed to a Parcel Machine, MPL sends a message to the recipient’s mobile phone and e-mail address about the arrival of the package and the delivery deadline, which is 2 working days after the delivery of the message. Most machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The package can be taken out of the machine without waiting with the identification code received in the message. If the package was sent with the additional service of goods payment, the recipient must settle the amount of the goods payment with a bank card at the machine in order to receive the package. The parcel box opens after payment. If the package has not been received within the 2 working day deadline, MPL will deliver the package to the post office. The recipient will then receive further information via SMS and e-mail about the post office where his package was placed and how long he can pick it up (depending on the sender’s indication, he has 5 or 10 working days at his disposal).

On-site pickup: Packages ordered on the webshop can be picked up at the Modem Cash Desk during the following opening hours:

Opening hours

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

The opening hours may change on public holidays and public holidays, as well as due to private events, so in any case, only go to pick up your package after the time indicated in the e-mail sent about the delivery.

The right to withdraw from the purchase

45/2014. (II. 26.) Pursuant to the government decree, the customer may cancel the purchase without giving any reason within 8 working days of receipt. In the case of in-store pick-up, we mean the date of issue of the receipt, and in the case of home delivery, the day of receipt from the courier. Refunds do not apply to shipping costs. The purchase price of the products will only be refunded within 30 days, against the invoice, in an undamaged condition. In case of cancellation, if the goods are damaged as a result of improper use, MODEM Modern és Kortárs Nonprofit Kft. may demand compensation for the damage. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the case of the sale of goods that are tied to the person of the consumer, or that were produced based on the instructions or at the express request of the consumer, or that by their nature cannot be returned, as well as if the packaging of the product has been opened by the Buyer. The cost of returning the undamaged product is borne by the Buyer. We are unable to accept parcels sent by cash on delivery. If the delivery was made free of charge, the Buyer must also reimburse the cost of the delivery, which was waived as a discount by MODEM Modern és Kortárs Nonprofit Kft. upon home delivery.

Change orders

We are not able to provide the opportunity to subsequently modify the order placed in the online store or to apply a discount, so please take this into account when placing the order. In the case of store collection and delivery, you can only collect your order consisting of several items together. If you still want to change your order, you can do so by placing a new order and canceling the previous one.

Correction of data entry errors – responsibility for the veracity of the data provided

During the order, you have the opportunity to change the data you entered before finalizing the order (by clicking the back button in the browser, the previous page opens, so the entered data can be corrected even if you have already moved to the next page). Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the data you provide is entered accurately, as the product will be invoiced and delivered based on the data you provided. With your order, you acknowledge that MODEM is entitled to charge you for all damages and costs resulting from your incorrect data entry and inaccurate data. MODEM excludes responsibility for performance based on inaccurate data entry.

Procedure in case of incorrect price

It is considered an obviously incorrect price:

– a price of HUF 0,
– a price reduced by a discount, but the discount is incorrectly stated (e.g.: in the case of a HUF 1,000 product, the product is offered for HUF 100 with a 50% discount).

In the case of an incorrect price, MODEM offers the option of purchasing the product at the real price, with which information the Customer can decide whether to order the product at the real price or cancel the order without any adverse legal consequences.

unsuccessful delivery

In all cases, the costs of resending due to failed delivery due to the Buyer’s fault shall be borne by the Buyer.

Limitation of Liability

MODEM Modern és Kortárs Nonprofit Kft. is not responsible for possible damages in the following cases:

– In case of an operational error that prevents the Customer from connecting to the website of the MODEM shop and placing an order there.
– For any malfunction of the Customer’s computer due to a hardware or software error, or for damages due to the interruption of the Internet connection.

In order to use the Internet safely, we ask you to protect yourself against viruses and so-called worms that spread online.

Customer service

Please contact our customer service with your complaints or any questions or comments, on weekdays  between  10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at phone number +36 (52) 525 010 or at the  e-mail address  .

Complaint handling

If any consumer dispute between the Service Provider and the Customer is not settled during negotiations with the Service Provider, the following legal enforcement options are open to the Customer:

Filing a complaint with the consumer protection authorities: If the Customer detects a violation of his consumer rights, he is entitled to file a complaint with the consumer protection authority responsible for his place of residence. After evaluating the complaint, the authority decides on the conduct of the consumer protection procedure.

Conciliation body: In order to resolve consumer disputes related to the quality and safety of products and the application of product liability rules, as well as the conclusion and performance of the contract, the Customer may initiate a procedure at the conciliation body operating under the competent professional chamber based on the seat of the Service Provider.

In the application of the rules applicable to the Conciliation Board, a consumer is also a non-governmental organization, church, apartment building, housing association, micro, small and medium-sized enterprise under a separate law who buys, orders, receives, uses, makes use of goods, or commercial communications or offers related to the goods addressee.

Contact details of the Hajdú-Bihar County Conciliation Board:

Address: 4025 Debrecen, Vörösmarty u. 13-15.
Phone: 52-500-710, 52-500-745
Fax: 52-500-720
E-mail address:

Court procedure: The customer has the right to assert his claim arising from a consumer dispute before the court in the framework of civil proceedings in accordance with Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and Act CXXX of 2016 on the Code of Civil Procedure. according to the provisions of the law.

Miscellaneous Provisions

In matters not regulated in these general terms and conditions, the Criminal Code (Act V of 2013), in the case of consumer contracts, Act 45/2014 on absentee contracts. the provisions of the government decree are governing.

Contract conclusion

Behavior indicating the finalization of the order, with which the contract enters into force at the same time.

Valid from: 05 December 2023 until withdrawn.