In view of the high interest, we will continue our weekly guided tours with the MODEM team. From October 25, we meet every Tuesday at the exhibition of New Mediations, 30+ or ​​the DAR: Time.

In addition to guided tours in Hungarian, there will also be tours in English for foreign visitors.

October 25. 30+ – Kovács Edward (HUN)
November 08. New Mediations – Török Krisztián (HUN)
November 15. 30+ – Török Krisztián (ENG)
November 22. DAR: Time – Süli-Zakar Szabolcs (HUN)
November 29. New Mediations – Török Krisztián (ENG)
December 06. 30+ – Don Tamás (HUN)

About the exhibitions:

New Mediations

Is there an internet aesthetic? What does matter mean in virtual reality? What is the transition between digital and analog? What is the relationship between ubiquity and broadcast anywhere? How do the roles of consumer, mediator and creator get mixed up?

30+ | Experimental Art Pedagogy Project

MODEM’s Experimental Art Pedagogy Project launched in 2019 will come to an end this October. As the final chord of this, the exhibition will be shown between October 23 and February 12, which will show the Hungarian contemporary art world of the 30 years that have passed since the regime change in a special way.

DAR 2022 | Time

What is the time for art? This year’s program series of the DAR, which has been operating since 2006, was organized around this question. The DAR prioritized the cooperation and thinking of domestic and international artists, the collective creative activity, in such a way that, at the same time, it provides an insight into the thematically organized professional work for a wider audience.

We are looking forward to see you!

With their participation, the visitors accept that audio and video recordings will be made during the event, which can be used for promotional purposes on MODEM’s surfaces.

Online tickets at site.