DAIR2024: Learning from Nature? – Botany

2024. Jul. 21. 13:00

Every edition of the Debrecen International Artist in Residence (DAIR), which has been operating since 2006, is built around a theme. In addition to creation, the symposium’s workflow emphasizes collective thinking – this is reflected in the symposium’s programs, which are open to the public.

This year, we summed up our theme with the question and suggestion: “Learning from Nature?”.

The focus of this year’s Artist in Residence program is on the broadly conceived discipline of botany. Many significant moments in the history of botany in Hungary can be traced back to the city of Debrecen, such as the Herbarium (1578), annotated by Péter Juhász Méliusz, considered the first herbarium in Hungarian, and the two-volume Hungarian Herbarium by Sámuel Diószegi and Mihály Fazekas, which, according to Linné’s system (Debrecen, 1807), is the first publication of modern Hungarian botany.

In addition to creative and research work, this year’s DAIR will be enriched with lectures and discussions. The workshop will be held in the ground floor spaces of the MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art. We want to build on this visibility during the program, for example, by opening the workspace to visitors for a short time in the afternoons. Following these openings, in the early evening, interested visitors can meet renowned and respected artists and thinkers from both the domestic and international scenes.

The program, organized by MODEM, will conclude in the fall with a comprehensive exhibition and a conference related to the theme. The results will be documented in a catalog like previous years, containing theoretical texts and interviews.

Invited artists:

Centrala (Małgorzata Kuciewicz & Simone De Iacobis), Daniel Godinez Nívon, Illés Zsófia Szonja, Kortmann-Járay Katalin, Kuzma Eszter Júlia, Thea Lazar, Mendreczky Karina, Gaja Mežnarić Osole, Szabó Bálint (Decolonize Your Mind Society), Szabó Nóra

Artistic directors:

Horányi Attila, Süli-Zakar Szabolcs, Török Krisztián Gábor, Vékony Dorottya

We welcome you to our free events on 21 July from 13:00 to 19:00 and from 22 to 28 July from 17:00 to 19:00!

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