We look forward to welcoming you all to our winter programme day on December 3rd, where we will prepare guided tours, round table discussions, museum pedagogy, a film premiere about the Debrecen boarders, and last but not least, we will end the evening with an entertaining concert.


14:00 30+ Experimental Art Education Pedagogy for adults with curator Don Tamás

15:30 New Mediations: Guided tour with the artists and curator of the exhibition

16:30 Art market opportunities of the 30-year-olds at home and abroad: round table discussion with Spengler Katalin, Fenyvesi Áron and Keresztesi Botond – Moderator: Jankó Judit

17:30 Time: Guided tour with the leaders of the DAR, Csontó Lajos, Horányi Attila and Süli-Zakar Szabolcs

19:00 Make Debrecen Skate Again: Video premiere

19:30 TPSRPRT concert

20:30 door (DJ SET)

Entrance for the entire programme day: 3,000 HUF.
Entrance after 6 p.m.: 500 HUF.

Budapest bus for MODEM lovers:

For our winter programme day, we organize a bus service for MODEM lovers from Budapest. The bus leaves at 11:00 a.m. from the P+R parking of Mexikói street’s subway terminal, and returns at 7:00 p.m. from MODEM.

Bus ticket (3,500 HUF) + entrance fee (2,500 HUF): 6,000 HUF.

Online tickets at modemart.jegy.hu

With their participation, the visitors accept that audio and video recordings will be made during the event, which can be used for promotional purposes on MODEM’s surfaces. We reserve the right to change the program.