1. Design is…

…it’s impossible to answer this question. It’s a story about happiness and

2. The Russian design? Three important names, three merits, three faults –
yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Three names: Igorj Gurovics, Anna Kulachek, Szergej Szerov. It’s main merit, as I
see it, is the lack of fear, because nobody expects anything. They don’t really
expect anything from this profession. But I can’t see any faults, only advantages.

Concerning the design yesterday, today and tomorrow, there’s a fourth word:
forever. Yes, forever.

3. What is the heritage of the Russian avant-garde for you?

First of all, I would underline constructivism, because that’s the most interesting
part of the whole. The heritage of the Russian avant-garde is beautiful, it gave us
a lot of names. The artists apply this heritage, they love it, often they are not
modest in copying its methods perfectly, they use its stylistic characteristics and
typography. This is a gigantic school, to which we can thank Tadanori Yokoo,
Paula Scher and a lot of other renowned designers.

4. Who from world designers have influenced to you the most?

My father, Abrám Ljvovics Gutikov, who was an industrial designer in Minsk. He
taught me a very important thing, that is to love my profession.

5. How could you formulate the essence of your author’s creative concept? Your
way in design? Your style?

In three words: dreadful design, rude design and perhaps „nothing really
matters” design.