A multi-sensory intervention by Hilda Kozári in the Antal–Lusztig Collection

MODEM, 24 th June 2017 – 1 th January 2018

The exhibition entitled RECEPTORS presents a joint selection by artist Hilda Kozári and art historian Katalin T. Nagy, establishing a special sensory connection between the collection, the contemporary works and the visitors.

The complexity and richness of the collection allowed the curators to exhibit works that are able to reinforce the multi-sensory concept of the show, which facilitates the more complex reception and interpretation of the pieces.

Although we experience the majority of works of fine art primarily with our eyes, the enjoyment and interpretation of the pieces is a complex process. Hilda Kozári, who lives in Finland, has been examining the complex role of the various senses in her works and exhibitions for long years.

In addition to studying scents and associations, her thinking and art were primarily influenced by the projects realised in cooperation with visually impaired youngsters. Braille writing often appears in her works in the form of different materials and in different sizes, often in a playful way.

In the spirit of Hilda Kozári’s art, in addition to the “tangible” accessibility of pictures and sculptures, the exhibition intends to provide access to the works through poetic solutions.

The exhibition will activate visitors’ every sense, they will be able to see, hear, smell, touch and taste the works, and certain works may even afftect our tastebuds.

The visitors of MODEM, who are used to the “viewing” position, may collect new experiences; caress the sculptures of the collection and get a whiff of the scented works.