Please, let us know if you have a daily, almost a routine-like, monotonous, tireless creative activity that calms you down and keeps the outside world out. Whether it is a meticulous, time consuming effort, or in the eyes of the others a seemingly meaningless hobby that you happily flow with in a timeless way… we are curious about it!

Such a quiet, pastime strategy is often a lonely experience, so to resolve this, we invite everyone to share with us their own vital mania activity that cannot be replaced by anything else.

Visit us at the Night of Museums (22 June, 2019) in the ground floor exhibition hall of MODEM, bring the subject of your mania, or tell us about it during our workshop. If you are unable to be with us, but would be happy to participate in our community project, please write a few sentences about what you are doing and why your mania is so important for you, if possible, illustrated with pictures.

More information about this program:

Simon Andrea, Project Manager: 06 20 333 8427.

We will reply to everyone. We care about your privacy; we do not share your information with any third parties, and we do not use any of your material without your permission.


The Artists and the Curator of Mania. Quiet Strategies exhibition, MODEM